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The Edge ™

A natural pre-workout recovery supplement

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The Edge is trusted as a pre workout supplement by professionals in many different sporting arenas, from world class coaches to world champions and Olympians as well as professional sports men and women. The one story they all have in common – The Edge works.
Eddie Salas
I have now been using The Edge for the past 2 years and can honestly say that this product as the name suggests really does work.Having recently used it at the recent World Masters Games, i found that it really does give me more endurance and stamina, combined with an intensive racing and training programme The Edge certainly played a crucial part in helping me to win 2 gold medals in both the road race and the criterium events in my age group.
Eddie is a 1988 Olympian & former professional muti national cycling road champion, 2 Gold World Masters Championships
Brittney Mcglone
Brittney Mcglone uses The Edge to recover from her high intensity track and field training sessions. Repetitious activities like squat-jumps and leg presses can leave muscles fatigued and sore, but with The Edge, that stiffness and muscle cramping is reduced to nothing, allowing Brittney to train harder and more frequently.
Brittney is a 400m Hurdler at the AIS, Canberra, Australia, a Silver Medalist at the 2012 World Youth Championship and an Olympic Hopeful – 2016 London Olympics
Brian Goorjian
Being able to physically perform on a daily basis throughout the course of the NBL season is a grind. We are constantly pushing our players to be better each day, week and month and as such they require the proper nutritional supplementation to assist them achieve this. I have found The Edge to be one of the best products on the market to help our players recover from the physical demands placed on them during the competitive season.
Brain was the Head Coach for the Sydney Kings Basketball Team NBL Champions 2003, 2004, 2005 and has been nominated for the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame
“Sports Science is now right on that line of trying to gain an advantage as well as playing within the rules.” Brad FittlerFormer Australian Rugby League Player and Coach
Australian professional NRL players Troy Luff and Brad Fittler talk about Lactaway on National 9 News Australia
Jayson Austin
I have been using LactAway since beginning of 2009 when I found it really helped my recovery and ability to back up when training hard for the successful UCI Hour Record attempt. I have found it really beneficial and this year did not come down with flu or experience breathing problems. It assists me in my training to perform at a higher heart rate and sustain the power longer. My recovery from hard efforts and long rides is much faster.
Jayson is a World Record Cyclist
Steve Hogg
I have been doing some hilly 200 km plus rides in preparation for an event. Normally it takes me 4 days to fully recover from these rides. Since discovering and using Lactaway I have discovered that my recovery is accelerated and is  complete after 48 hours.This allows me to be back into hard training 2 full days earlier than previously.
Bio-mechanically Correct Rider Positioning
Pedal Pushers Cycles Pty.Ltd.
Stan Lazaridis
I have been using Lact-Away for the past 4 years and found the benefit almost immediate as it aided my recovery after a soccer match much quicker than nature alone. I have found at my age of 34 that I can perform at a higher level as I am not as sore early in the week and can train at a higher intensity during training which in turn improves my performance levels. I recommend this product to those who want to feel 100% through training and matches and to athletes who suffer soft tissue injuries.
Stanley “Stan” Lazaridis has made 58 official appearances for Australia and was in the Australian 2006 FIFA World Cup squad.
Check out some of the hard work the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have been doing off the field to ensure their success in the 2013 NRL season.
Manly were the first team in the NRL to use Lactaway, the drink, which is approved by the Australian Sports Drug Agency, is popular in other sports. The AFL’s Brisbane Lions use it, as does the boxer Kostya Tszyu. – Sydney Morning Herald
Troy Luff
I have used The Edge for the past 2 years before every game I play. At 36 years of age I am running the games out so much better and recover so quickly that I am able to train fully during the week. Even towards the end of a tough  game I find I am still able to run hard time and time again. I now get no muscle tightness during the game, and as a result I have no muscular soreness the next day – I will not play a game without using The Edge as I know how much it has helped me to continue playing at a high level and perform in top condition without feeling the usual soreness days later. So highly do I rate this product that I have recommended it to my former team mates Michael O’Loughlin and Jude Bolton who now both take The Edge before every game.
Freya Scollay
After hearing about The Edge in 2005 I had my coach run 2 tests, one with and one without The Edge. The difference with The Edge was both amazing and indisputable. Tests revealed lower lactates, increased endurance and more power. I then started to train with The Edge which led to an almost unbelievable result at the 24 hour world solo championships of 4th. I find on The Edge that I can perform at a higher level with less muscle and mental fatigue. Cramps are non-existent and post-race recovery is fabulous. Both of these a real challenge after 24 hours on a mountain bike with no sleep. The Edge remains a daily supplement for me for many reasons:
    • Improved performance-both strength and cardiovascular.
    • A must when racing.
    • Assists in post exercise recovery.
Jason Smith
I have been a professional athlete for close to fifteen years. The last few years especially, I found that my recovery rates have slowed and in turn effected performance. In a professional environment there is always pressure to perform and unfortunately if you don’t, you can be replaced. This is the reality all professional athletes are faced with and that is why I take my training and performance very seriously. The Edge has provided me with another tool to use that can help replenish my body. Combined with an effective training regime I have found that my recovery rates have improved immensely. It allows me to play at a higher standard for longer and gives me the ability to train harder  consistently. I use it now as a regular part of my training schedule and keep a supply handy everywhere I go!
Lactaway on Foxsports
It’s gone all the way through ASADA and is used widely in a lot of sports. – Troy Luff

Has The Edge helped you become a better sportsman or woman? Tell us your story and we could possibly feature it on this page! Please note we do not pay for endorsements. All of our testimonials are from people who are passionate about our product.

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