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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Lactaway different from other recovery supplements?

Unlike other complicated supplements, Lactaway offers both endurance and recovery in one single use. Lactaway comes in an easy to drink bottle so there is no need for complicated powders or mixes. This is great news to the millions of athletes worldwide and extremely significant for all individuals interested in muscle cramp and pain relief with a natural approach.

Does Lactaway contain banned substances?

Lactaway does not contain any banned or prohibited substances and is fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Authority guidelines. Lactaway is safe to use in professional and competitive sport worldwide.

What is the active ingredient in Lactaway?

The active ingredient in Lactaway is Pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is a French maritime pine bark that has been subject to 40 years of research and has emerged as a safe and versatile supplement in today’s market. What makes Lactaway different however, is the 10 years of research and development combining the super foods of nature to create the ultimate natural sports supplement.


I love Lactaway how can I help promote it?

We offer discounts and freebies to clients who bring on new business in the form of individuals or sporting groups. Please contact one of our friendly staff who will be happy to discuss with you further.

How is Lactaway unique in the recovery suppliment market?

Unlike other products, Lactaway is a pre-workout supplement that provides you with extra energy during exercise and leaves you with less muscles fatigue and stiffness afterwards. It is easy to drink and doesn’t need to be taken over a long period for it to work.

Lactaway has also been tried and tested by some of the biggest names in sport along with legions of fans who are willing to tell their friends about how good it is. We are also different because a lot of our expense goes into research and development rather than advertising campaigns.

Which anti doping bodies have approved Lactaway?

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) has indicated that Lactaway contains no prohibited substances and is safe to use in competitive sporting competitions worldwide.

I have a sports injury – should I continue to use Lactaway?

Yes, Lactaway is considered a super anti-oxidant that assists with reducing oxidative stress and enhances blood flow to the muscles. Some injured players have actually come back to training earlier after using Lactaway during rehab exercise.

I only train once a week – will Lactaway help me?

Yes, Lactaway can be used before any training or fitness session where you want to recover better afterwards.
Some customers simply use Lactaway for their game day or for long duration events, whilst others may prefer to use it for each training daily training session. We will be happy to discuss a plan for you to accommodate your training and budget.

How long should I train before I notice results?

Research indicates if Lactaway is consumed 3 to 4 hours before your training or event session, you may notice you have some extra energy in the tank towards the end of your session. We encourage people to find out for themselves by doing a control trial first to compare how you feel without Lactaway and then with.

Can I take Lactaway with other prescription drugs?

Yes, Lactaway can be used in conjunction with various prescription medications. However if you have any concerns please consult your local doctor. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please tell your doctor before taking Lactaway.

Is Lactaway a natural product?

Yes all the ingredients in Lactaway are 100% natural and completely safe to use. Lactaway is also low GI and is safe for diabetics and paleolithic diets.

What sort of results should I expect?

Taking 150mls of Lactaway 3 to 4 hours before exercise helps the body achieve peak muscle performance and speeds recovery after exercise, which may result in reduction of muscular aches and fatigue in both athletes and healthy individuals.

How should I use Lactaway?

Lactaway comes ready to drink. The findings indicate that150mls of Lactaway should be consumed 3 to 4 hours before your training or event. This is to ensure maximum bio-availability which will give the best results.

How can I stock Lactaway in my suppliment store?

It is possible for you to stock Lactaway in your store. If you are interested in being a regional distributor of Lactaway to your clients, please contact us via email on info@lactaway.com.au

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