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The Edge 100% (1 Litre Bottle, Up to Seven Uses)

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The one litre bottle is ideal for those who wish to try out Lactaway or for non professional customers. A 1 litre bottle can provide up to seven uses.

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Product Description

The Edge is a a nutritional liquid supplement that enhances exercise and recovery because of its powerful antioxidant capacity and ability to improve the circulatory system and immune function during and after strenuous exercise.

Active ingredient per 150ml serving:
Pycnogenol – 375mg, Papaya Extract , Aloe Vera, Plant Sugars (Low GI Sugar – Glycemic Index between 11-19), Preservative (202), Flavour (E960), Naturally occurring amounts of vitamins and minerals  from above listed sources.

Suggested Dosage
Adults – Heavy training days or day of event – 150ml 3 hours prior to event.
Children 12-16 years – 60-90ml 3 hours prior to event.

Store between 15º-25º C. Refrigerate after opening. Avoid Freezing of excessive heat. Shake well  before use.

An oral nutritional food supplement preparation. Contains absolutely no prohibited substances. W.A.D.A. Classification – Supplement/Natural Product

Proudly made in Australia

1 review for The Edge 100% (1 Litre Bottle, Up to Seven Uses)

  1. Chris Meliana
    5 out of 5


    Fast delivery +++, had a phone call from the owner of the company who discussed how to use it which was helpful. Tasted alright, used it for a light interval 1.5k row and didn’t feel as sore as usual. Will try again for main race next week.

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